The zipper will run across it's landing point back and forth, dealing damage to every tank caught in it's path.


The best use for the zipper is in areas with high enemy density, as the spark will cross multiple times over them. The zipper damage may be low, but it can still be used to finish off dying enemies and racking up damage on secondary targets on the same turn. With x2 Buff shots and a maxed out Offensive skill tree, it can be a somewhat effective weapon to use against your enemies.

Most of the time, if you miss the target slightly, the zipper may run back and still damage the enemy.


Double Zipper: Generates two sparks instead of one, that will roam the impact area, dealing 2 points of damage with each hit.

Zipper Quad: Generates two cyan sparks and two yellow ones, they will roam the impact area, dealing damage against the targets.

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