A seed that will blossom out several sunflowers, wich then releases several damaging seeds across a wide area.


The Sunflower is a formidable weapon that works similiar to the Sprouter. It will release several sunflower seeds, that will also spread additional sunflowers and so on, until several of them are active at the same time. At the end, all of them will sprout the damaging payload near the impact location. The seeds are heavily affected by the wind, so beware.

It's better to aim the Sunflower at isolated enemies, or targets that are away from allies or yourself, because you may end up accidentally hitting them on the process. If possible, use them where there are several enemies close-by, as the sunflower will do massive amounts of damage.


Helianthus: Higher-damaging version that will also releases additional sunflowers. They have a red-colored stem instead of green.

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