This weapon sends out a bright yellow projectile with a yellow trail that upon impact sends out 24 sparkling projectiles that fly up a bit and then hit the original landing spot. the original projectile and "sparks" dont do any harm to the terrain.

the damage ranges from 3 to 8 per projectile delending on range.


Solar flare is an upgraded version of sunburst. it sends out 48 sparkling projectiles, where half of them fly straight up without any gravitation pulldown.

The projectiles that ignore gravitation deal 30 damage.


Although this weapon sends out that many projectiles, almost half of them immediately get destroyed in the ground depending of the terrain eg. if the enemy stands on top of a sharply ended hill almost all projectiles of the original sunburst will reach the target. if the enemy sits in a hole, a lot of projectiles will get destroyed.

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