Static shoots a small blue electric orb around the size of a chunklet, which on contact causes a chain lightning to an enemy target. The range of this chain ranges about 1/4 of the map-- if an enemy target is too far away, the chain lightning will not initiate. Static deals 25 damage on each target.

Total Possible Damage*: 50

Static Link

Static Link is extremely similar to Static, except that the chain lightning can extend to two additional people instead of just one.

Total Possible Damage*: 75

Static Chain

Static Chain is the final upgrade of Static. The chain lightning in this weapon can extend to three additional people.

Total Possible Damage*: 100

*Assuming there are no critical hits


Static functions similar to Shockwave and Sonic Pulse, where the weapon can extend from one enemy target to another if they are close enough together. Unlike Shockwave and Sonic Pulse however, it does not matter where Static is originally shot from, and static can not pass its chain lightning through your team's tanks, or dead tanks.

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