Shots are weapons that tanks use to damage tanks. They can destroy terrain and sometimes damage yourself and/or allies. Each weapon works in their own unique ways.

The numbers of points do not consider impact on more than 1 tank. Multiple tank hits can cause varying value.

Each 10 points dealt result in 1 experience point. This can go negative as well.

List of Weapons

Beginning Weapons

Air Strike Digger RapidFire Splitter
Back-Roller Flame Roller Stream
Breaker Grenade Shot (Weapon) Three-Ball
Bulger Horizon Sinkhole Tunneler
Cactus One-Bounce Sniper Twinkler

Unlocked by leveling up

3D-Bomb Dead Weight Mini-Turret Sillyballs
Arrow Driller Mini-V Snake
Asteroids Dual-Roller Molehill Snowball
Baby Seagull Earthquake Moons Spaz
Banana Fighter Jet Napalm Spiker
Battering Ram Firework Nuke Spider
Bee Hive Firework Partition Spotter
BFG-1000 Flower Payload StarFire
Black Hole Glock Penetrator Static
Bolt Gravies Pinata Sticky Bomb
Boomerang Guppies Puzzler Sunburst
Bouncy Ball Hover-Ball Quicksand Sunflower
Bounder Jackpot Rain Synclets
Bounsplode Jammer Rainbow Tadpoles
Bounstrike Jumper Rampage Train
Builder Laser Beam Ringer UZI
Carpet Bomb M4 Saw Blade Water Balloon
Chunklet Magnets Shadow X Attack
Clover Minions Shank Yin Yang
Counter 3000 Mini-Pinger Shrapnel

Unlocked by completing every dead guy

Completing "Tank Up" : Stone
Completing "War Games" : Cat
Completing "Shell or be shelled" : Ghost Bomb
Completing "Battle Royale" : Flasher
Completing "Armored Fury" : Sprouter
Completing "Lone Wolf" : Square
Completing "Penultimate" : Wacky Cluster
Completing "Showdown" : Satellite

Unlocked by completing Challenge

Devoted (Play 5,000 rounds) : Flattener
Victor (Win 500 rounds) : ShockShell
Triumph (Win 5,000 rounds) : Flintock
XP Collector (Earn 100,000 XP) : Kernels
XP Hoarder (Earn 1,000,000 XP) : Chopper
Tank Genocide (Destroy 2,500 enemy tanks) : SkullShot
Rolling in it (Save up 1,000 Gears) : Fat Stacks
Dev Destroyer (Beat the developer [kChamp] in a round or beat a level 100 who already has God Rays) : God Rays
Follow the Creed (Assassinate 250 enemy tanks) : Hidden Blade
Max Efficiency (Hit 3 enemies in 1 shot 10 times) : Beacon
Two Hundred Birds (Hit 2 enemies in 1 shot 10 times) : Mad Birds
The cake is a lie (Land 25 portal skill shots) : Portal Gun
Ouch! (Deal 200+ dame in one shot) : Pinpoint

Weapons bought in the Shop


there are 394 total weapons and weapon upgrades as of the 12/13/2017 update.

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