Shots are what players use to gain points by making the shots impact the tanks of other players. They can hit only the tank, or they may do area of effect damage that hinders aim or otherwise changes the position of players.

The numbers of points do not consider impact on more than 1 tank. Multiple tank hits can cause varying value.

Each 10 points dealt result in 1 experience point. This can go negative as well.

List of Weapons

Beginning Weapons

Shot (Weapon) Three-Ball One-Bounce Digger
Grenade Stream Flame Roller
Back-Roller Splitter Breaker Twinkler
Sniper Cactus Bulger Sinkhole
RapidFire Tunneler Horizon Air Strike

Unlocked by leveling up

Flower Guppies Earthquake Banana
Snake Bounsplode Glock Dead Weight
Builder Static Molehill Counter 3000
Hover-Ball Ringer Rainbow Moons
Mini-Pinger Shank Bolt Gravies
Spiker Boomerang Tadpoles Mini-V
Yin Yang Firework Water Balloon Magnets
Arrow Driller Quicksand Jumper
Spaz Pinata Bounder UZI
Sticky Bomb Fleet Rain Sillyballs
Napalm Saw Blade Sunburst Synclets
Payload Shadow X Attack Carpet Bomb
Baby Seagull Shrapnel Penetrator Jammer
Chunklet Bouncy Ball Minions Battering Ram
Asteroids Spider Rampage M4
Clover 3D-Bomb Snowball Spotter
Fighter Jet Bounstrike StarFire Bee Hive
Dual-Roller Partition BFG-1000 Train
Mini-Turret Nuke Black Hole Puzzler
Laser Beam Sunflower Jackpot

Unlocked by completing every dead guy

Completing "Tank Up" : Stone
Completing "War Games" : Cat
Completing "Shell or be shelled" : Ghost Bomb
Completing "Battle Royale" : Flasher
Completing "Armored Fury" : Sprouter
Completing "Lone Wolf" : Square
Completing "Penultimate" : Wacky Cluster
Completing "Showdown" : Satellite

Unlocked by completing Challenge

Devoted (Play 5,000 rounds) : Flattener
Victor (Win 500 rounds) : ShockShell
Triumph (Win 5,000 rounds) : Flintock
XP Collector (Earn 100,000 XP) : Kernels
XP Hoarder (Earn 1,000,000 XP) : Chopper
Tank Genocide (Destroy 2,500 enemy tanks) : SkullShot
Rolling in it (Save up 1,000 Gears) : Fat Stacks
Dev Destroyer (Beat the developer (kChamp) in a round) : God Rays
Follow the Creed (Assassinate 250 enemy tanks) : Hidden Blade
Max Efficiency (Hit 3 enemies in 1 shot 10 times) : Beacon
Two Hundred Birds (Hit 2 enemies in 1 shot 10 times) : Mad Birds
The cake is a lie (Land 25 portal skill shots) : Portal Gun
Ouch! (Deal 200+ dame in one shot) : Pinpoint

Weapons bought in the Shop

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