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Damage : From 5 at the weakest to 48.
Damage : From 5 at the weakest to 48.
[[Category:Legacy Weapon]]
[[Category:Legacy Weapons]]

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A projectile that will advances forward after landing. It will continue to roll forward until hiting a tank, enemy or ally.

Strategy Edit

This weapon is very useful as a test shot since even if you miss the enemy, there's still a chance for you to hit someone. It's useful for a low level, but other weapons can do the same or better damage.

Can also be used to finish off dying enemies, the Heavy variant deals a higher damage and are more likely to defeat an opponent with between 21 and 40 hitpoints.

Upgrades Edit

Heavy Roller Edit

A large roller, it will rolls for longer and will deals 40 damage with an average sized explosion.

Groller Edit

The Groller will roll and grows it size, with every size dealing a different damage (The same fashion as the Snowball). If it don't hit any target it will explode when reaching the largest size.

Damage : From 5 at the weakest to 48.

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