Roller is a weapon shooting a red and white ball that roll on the field following the direction of the shot. It will explode after sometime or when it meets a enemy.

Damage : 20



Upgrades Edit

Heavy Roller Edit

This weapon is the same as Roller, but more powerful.

Damage : 40

Groller Edit

This upgrade works the same as the others, but it gains more power as it rolls. It starts with very small range and damage until it becomes a larger and more powerful form. It still explode after sometime if there is no target.

Damage : From 5 at the weakest to 48.

Upsides and Downsides Edit

This weapon is very useful as a test shot since even if you miss the enemy, there's still a chance for you to hit someone. It's useful for a low level, but other weapons can do the same or better damage.