A large projectile that drops down a smaller payload at it's peak.


The payload is a bit tricky to use, one must know the perfect angle and power in order to make the payload projectile to fall directly at the enemy, since it's where the big bulk of it's damage is. If you are unsure, or don't want to risk missing both shots, aim the weapon as with any other ordinary-type weapon. If you miss the payload, at least you would hit the bigger projectile and still do some damage.

It's worth taking your time to master out payload and get enough experience with it, because it's upgrade, the Magic Shower, is a very strong game-changer when properly used.


The Magic shower will fire projectiles continuously as it travels in the air. Can be compared to the Seagull, though it sacrifices a bit of damage for a faster payload creation and projectile speed.


Can be used in the same fashion as the Seagull, to cover the entire battlefield with bullets, or as a last-resort suicide attack by stacking into the enemy and firing full power at 90° angle. You shall only use the suicide method if all else failed and you are sure to kill the enemy with it, otherwise it will be wasted in vain.

If you are skilled enough, you may approach the enemy and fire it upward, so that the payloads and projectile will damage the enemy, racking up devastating amounts of damage.

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