Smart rollers will roll towards the impact point, dealing damage to any target along their way.


The minions can be used in the same way as the Rollers, by firing it and letting them roll towards the enemies. It will fire a cluster of them instead of single projectile, in wich will roll towards the landing point. It's in essence, two rollers and two back-rollers combined together, but each will deal only 10 points of damage instead of 20.

You can also use the minions to pick up flying boxes and buff shots, or in the place of other high-damaging weapons in the case you are unsure about your aim.



Adds two bonus minions, increasing the potential damage from 40 to 60. Otherwise, behaves identically to the standard version.


  • In the flash version, the Minions used to be a paid weapon, included in either, a Weapon Pack or Deluxe membership. At the Steam version, however, it's unlocked at the level 60.
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