explodes after a short period of time.

Damage: 50 





The Tri-Nade works the same as the Grenade but instead spawns 3 more grenades propelled by the previous explosion.

Damage: 25 per explosion (100 max without a critical hit).


The Multi-Nade works the same as the Tri-Nade except it spawns 5 more grenades instead of 3.

Damage: 20 per explosion (120 max without a critical hit).

Grenade Storm

The Grenade Storm shoots a grenade-like flare that triggers a randomly-generated amount of grenades to spawn with one big grenade.

Damage : 8 point per small grenade and 50 for the giant grenade.

Upsides and Downsides

The Grenade and its upgrades are powerful but since they don't explode immediately, it's better to use them on a tank in a hole or on flat ground. The Grenade Storm is more of a zone weapon but since the grenades are falling from the sky, they can go anywhere, even back to you or your teammates.

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