God Rays is a powerful weapon if used correctly. You can only gain this weapon by defeating the developer of the game, kChamp, in a match, or by winning alongside him. You may also get the weapon if when you kill a level 100 player who has the achievement.

God rays and Deity are both flare type weapons and will bounce 5 times before triggering. After triggering 3 gold rays will appear at 90 degree, 45 degree and -45 degree angles aiming in at the place of activation. Small white pellets will hone in from the rays.

This weapon will not damage terrain.

Damage: 5 per shot, 150 if all 30 pellets hit.



Upgrades Edit

Deity is the upgrade of God Rays (can be seen in the next image). Unlike God Rays, with Deity there are 5 beams in total, although each pellet deals 4 damage instead of 5.

Uses Edit

God Rays is good for generally doing damage, used best on a flat surface and not mountainous. Also good for terrorizing opponents.

God Rays is bad against hills, as it first acts as a flare weapon and the side shots can be inaccurate.

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