In the Shellshock Live games, there is a variety of Game Modes that can be played. After creating a game lobby, the host may pick up wich game mode will be played, the amount of players and several settings such as setting each player hitpoints, enabling wind, setting it to team battle or FFA, etc.

Down below is a list of all game modes available.

Game Modes


Can be played in Teams or Free for All. The objective of this mode is simple: Destroy all enemies and be the last tank alive. In early versions, it's possible to achieve a Tie if all tanks are destroyed and there is no survivors. The Deathmatch is generally considered the "Standard" game mode, as it is simple to play and is relatively common in the game lobby.

Players: 2 up to 6 (8 in the Steam Version).

Along with Points Battle, the Deathmatch is available in every SSL Game.


Known simply as Points, in this mode there will be no Hitpoints neither armor points. Instead, all damage dealt to players will be added in as points to the player's score. The player with the highest score wins the match. It's generally considered a good beginning gamemode as it's simple and mistakes won't have a high impact as in Deathmatch. It's also great for leveling up the account and weapons (SSL2 onwards). Can be played in Teams or in a Free For All format.

Players: 2 up to 6 (8 in the Steam Version)

Along with Deathmatch, it's one of the original gamemodes, available in every SSL Game.


Added in the Steam version, the Assassin mode is a FFA-Exclusive match where every player receives a secret target to eliminate. Hitting anyone other than your targets will wield no damage. The last player alive wins the match. Winning 250 matches will award the player with the "Follow the Creed" achievement, along with the Hidden Blade.

Players: 3 up to 8.


Included in the Steam Version, this mode will pick a random player to be the Juggernaut. The Juggernaut (ab. Jugg) have increased hitpoints and armor over the other players, but must fight alone against the remainder of the players in the match. Depending on who is selected to be the Jugg, it can be either, an easy or hard game mode.

Players: 3 up to 8.


Included in the Steam Version, similiar to the Deathmatch, however, the weapons must hit a rebound wall or circle in order to deal damage. It's noted as having a very high Experience multiplier, and is often played by high-leveled players to quickly level up in the later levels. Can be played with teams or in a FFA format. The border walls on the edges of the screen do NOT count as hitting a bumper

Players: 2 up to 8


The Marskman is a mode added in the steam version that is very similiar to the point match in wich there is no health nor armor bars. Every player must hit a flying target with their weapons in order to survive a round. Any projectile counts to it, so if you miss an airstrike flare, but the bombs pick the target up, you are still qualified for the next round. Failing to hit the target results in an elimination. The target shrinks in size on every turn. Wins the last player standing. This mode is only available in a Free for All format.

Players: 2 to 8


Similiar to the points battle, the new Charge gamemode added in the Steam version will have the players fight for the highest amount of battery charge. Every player starts at 50% charge, that can be increased by hitting the opponents with your weaponry, and will be deduced when you are hit. The player with the highest charge amount wins. Only available in the FFA format.

Players: 2 to 8


A unique gamemode only found in the Steam Version. In Shoccer, a soccer ball will be positioned on the middle of the arena, wich must be thrown inside the goals, on either side of the screen. Every explosion will push the ball around. The objective is to throw the ball on the edges and to score the highest amount of goals in the set number of turns. This mode is only available in the Team Battle format.

Players: 2 to 8

Game Settings

Special settings that can be configured by the Host. They can be enable to increase the challenge, or make the game easier.


The Amount of turns the match will have, or how many hitpoints each player starts with. The armor is proportional to the hitpoints, so a 300 h.p battle will have a max armor value of 120, while a 150 h.p one will only allow a maximum of 60 armor points at time. In Shellshock live 2, a higher turns/hitpoints settings results in a bigger exp multiplier in the post-game bonuses.

Values: 50 to 300 (600 in the Steam version) hitpoints, or 5 to 30 turns.


Wind will affect the projectiles pattern based on it's strenght. A stronger wind will have serious impact on their trajectory, while low wind will barely affect the weapon at all. Enabling wind grants increased exp multiplier for the game.

Values: Low, Medium or High wind (-15 to 15 in SSL and SSL2; -100 to 100 in the Steam version)

Shot Type:

This feature was added in the Shellshock live 2 onwards. Allows the host to determine if only one tank will fire at time, each team will fire per turn or if all tanks fire in the same turn. Enabling Team or All-shot options typically lowers the Exp multiplier, but results in faster games.

Values: One-Shot, Team-Shot or All-Shot

Turn Time:

Only available at the Steam version. The host can set the amount of time of each turn. Lower values will result in faster turns, but gives lower time to adjust the aiming. This setting won't have any impact on the exp. multiplier.

Values: 20, 30, 40 (Default. Also it's the standard for SSL and SSL2), 50 and 60 seconds.

Shot Tracer:

Steam version only. If enabled, players can see a dotted tracer based on the last shot trajectory. It can be helpful to aid aiming. Won't impact the exp multiplier. Can be disabled to give a more classic feeling, or to add up an extra challenge.


Steam Version only. Choose if players can use items such as Teleporter, Tracer, Supply crates, etc. on the match. Won't affect the exp multiplier.

Choose Weapon Level:

Steam version only. Choose if players can freely select wich level of their weapons to use (For example: God rays or Deity). They may choose the level of every weapon they have currently in their inventory. This setting will lower the exp multiplier.

Atmospheric Nudge:

Steam Version only. When enabled, weapons fired at full power straight up (above the battlefield, offscreen) will have their trajectory affected by the atmospheric nudge. It may diverge the projectile off-course, and is capable of making shots that otherwise would hit the enemy, instead, miss. This setting won't impact the exp multiplier.


At the Steam version, there are two mods that can be enabled for the match:

Level Field:

Disables the Skill Tree, Item crates and Items use, and everybody have the same weapons. This mod severely reduces the exp multiplier and is seldom enabled.


All players gets one, and only one weapon per turn. They are randomly chosen from the player's weapon pool. It's possible to attain more weapon slots through the pickup crates or by skipping your turn. This mod will greatly increases the exp multiplier, and is combos often with the Rebound gamemode to achieve a x4.08 exp multiplier, the highest amount so far.

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