Sets off three fireworks that explodes in a cluster of projectiles in the same pattern as the Cactus.


The Fireworks, along with it's upgrades, is a fantastic weapon, capable of dishing out high amounts of damage quickly and over an area. For the best of effects, land it close to the enemies, if you overshoot a little there is no problem though, as at least one projectile may hit the enemy. The spark projectiles are affected by the wind so keep this in mind when using the Fireworks in a high-wind environment, you may, however, use this to your advantage by letting the wind deliver the payload to the targets. The fireworks will be fired at random locations, there is no pre-determined pattern.


Grand Finale:

Adds two fireworks, one green and the other yellow, to the cluster of fireworks for additional damage.


The Pyrotechnics will behave totally different. It will first release 5 large spark-themed projectiles in the air, that falls below dealing high damage with an average-sized explosion. Later, five large fireworks will be fired in a Roman-candle style in the air, that will also explode in the same fashion as the early versions. The Pyrotechnics is often considered one of the best weapons in the game, and is extremely deadly when used properly. All projectiles will be affected by the wind as well, so take care when using it in those situations.


  • Both the Fireworks and Grand Finale were present in every SSL game. The Fireworks were usually unlocked at the early levels while the Grand Finale were at the late-levels, usually 42+.
    • Pyrotechnics was first revealed in Shellshock Live 2, where it was unlocked by prestiging four times.
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