Bouncy Ball is arguably the hardest shot to land in SSL. It takes a lot of skill to land a Bouncy Ball and therefore most often comes down to luck (along with a lobby full of players fast-typing "OMG", "NO WAY", and so on).

Bouncy Ball fires like a regular projectile but then bounces once it hits terrain, each bounce is considerably higher/further/stronger than the last, but is (thankfully) unable to fling itself out of the map as it bounces off the sides as well. It bounces five times before exploding, and its damage is determined by the distance it is from the user. At a long distance, the Bouncy Ball can reach close to 100 damage - which is a great payoff for a crazily difficult shot - and deals around 46 at minimum range.


Super Ball

The Super Ball is very similar to the Bouncy Ball, dealing more damage and expectedly being much more difficult to land. The only change in this shot's attitude description is that it bounces seven times instead of five.

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