Releases a seagull that will fires down a barrage of dood as it flies. This weapon cannot leave the screen and will bounce back if it hit the edges.


The Seagull Family (Baby, Seagull and Mama) all works similiary to the Magic Shower (Payload upgrade) in wich fires additional shots along the main projectile. It can be used by firing in a high arc, ensuring that the projectiles will connect with the enemies down below, or can be used for suicide attacks, but this is not recommended unless it is worth it.

It, however fires less frequently than the magic shower, so adjustments to the arc pattern must be made in order for it to work properly.



Higher damage for both projectiles and a large explosion radius: [Damage: 8-18 for the projectiles and 24 for the Seagull].

Mama Seagull:

Deals even higher damage, but the dood projectiles also leaves an average-sized explosion. Can be used to dig huge depressions on the ground and dig the enemy along it. [Damage: 10-21 for the projectiles and 28 for the Mama Seagull]

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