Air Strike

Airstrike shoots a red flare that drops 3 projectile missiles from the sky. Each missile does 20 damage each and has a small terrain impact.

Has a medium-sized radius.

Helicopter Strike

Helicopter strike sprays down 9 mini missiles that do 20 damage and has a tiny of terrain impact.

Has an extremely small radius, but covers the most map out of any of the 4 weapons.


AC-130 is very similar to Air Strike, except each missile does 30 damage and has a medium-large terrain impact.

Has a medium-large radius, and preforms like a buffed version of air strike.


Artillery shoots 3 missiles similar to AC-130 and Air Strike, however each missile drops one-by-one, starting from the left, followed by the right, and then the center missile. Each missile does 25 damage each, and has a ginormous terrain impact.

Has a ginormous radius, as this weapon has to ability to pin many people into an extremely deep hole.

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